The people of Canada love renovating their homes. According to a study, Canadians spend more on home renovations than on new constructions. The average homeowner in Canada is estimated to spend over 10,000 Canadian dollars on home renovation in a year. These renovations may vary from installing new and advanced security systems, doors, and windows to a simple window glass repair and glass replacement.

Window Glass Choices in Canada

There are many choices for window glass, and each comes with its distinct advantages. However, a double-glazed window is a standard requirement for residential and commercial units in Canada. This is because the weather conditions in Canada, especially in winter, are severe. A double-glazed window can help conserve the heat inside the house and keep the room warm and cozy.

What is a Double Glazed Window?

A double glazed window is made by setting up two layers of glass closely together, leaving a gap in between for vacuum. This vacuum acts as a barrier to prevent heat from getting out.

Often, this gap is filled with gas or chemical materials if the window is to be installed in places with high heat circulation, like a factory. The layer in between helps create a barrier to trap heat inside, prevent leaks, and maintain a consistent temperature, ultimately lowering your energy costs.

Another factor that makes double-glazed window glass the ideal choice is its ability to withstand pressure, both from the inside and outside, simultaneously. The glass can balance the pressure on either side and maintain its shape for a long time.

However, when the external pressure is too high, the glass may lose its shape and tilt inwards, cracking and requiring you to schedule an emergency glass service.

What Makes a Double Glazed Window Crack?

Before you face such trouble, it’s important to understand what may factor in cracking your double-glazed window. We have listed some reasons below:

Scratches on Glass Surface

Large parts of window glass are cut down to fit specific shapes and sizes for commercial use. This can cause the glass to get surface scratches, making it weak. The usual wear and tear worsens this scratch over time and may cause the glass to crack.

Temperature Variation

Window glass frequently encounters temperature changes both on the inside and outside. This constant change in temperature and the heat of the chemical inside the gap can make the glass crack. This usually happens when the temperature drastically shifts from hot during the day to cold at night.

Improper Manufacturing or Installation

The human factor is another reason for these glasses to crack. Even using the most advanced technologies, errors often occur with the manufacturing or installing the unit. Double glazing needs precise engineering to make and install it the first time.

A worker installing and checking a window glass

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