What kind of glass is tough enough to stop a bullet and sturdy enough to be used in an astronaut’s helmet, yet flexible enough to be shaped into CDs and light enough to make eyeglasses? Lexan is the only kind of glass with such unique traits. Lexan windshield crack repair is a routine job for us since they’re widely used as car windows and tough windshields due to their robust chemical formula.

What is Lexan Glass?

You might not have heard its name, but you still carry it with you in your everyday life. Most of our drinking glasses, water bottles, and bus windows are made up of Lexan glass. Lexan is not a material in itself, but the brand name given to a chemical compound called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate sheeting is the most commonly used plastic worldwide. It was developed in 1960 by General Electric.

Lexan is a kind of thermoplastic, which means that it can withstand high degrees of heat to change its shape without breaking. It is a reliable material due to its strength against impact, which is about 250 times higher than ordinary glass.

Applications of Lexan Glass

This is why Lexan has such a high number of applications globally. We’ve listed the four places where Lexan glass is of tremendous use:


Technology, as we know, is getting more advanced but also smaller. The first Macintosh computers took up an entire room, while the latest computers can fit in the palm of your hand. This is why the world of technology requires lightweight and durable materials.

Lexan is an incredible insulator for heat and electricity and defends against corrosion. This explains its need for computer devices and small components. It is widely used in making BluRay discs, CDs, DVDs, as well as TV and computer monitor screens.

Military Defense

The high impact resistance and lightweight nature of Lexan make it an ideal material choice for manufacturing military equipment, including helmets, shields, and windows for jet fighters and military vehicles.

This material’s bulletproof properties also make it an ideal choice for building isolation cabins for banks or museums.

Eco-friendly Products

One of the strong points of Lexan is that it’s good for nature. This is due to its quality of being recyclable. Most water bottles, water and food containers are made of Lexan and can be reused to protect nature.

Automotive and Aerospace

Vehicle manufacturers search for materials that fit the dynamics of a vehicle without putting up too much weight on the entire body. Lexan is frequently used in fast sports cars, airplanes, trains, and high-speed fighter jets.

Automobile headlights, windshields, backlights, windows, and quarter glass windows are all made up of Lexan to prevent damage from rock chips, and the sturdy material minimizes damage from road accidents.

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