Windshield replacement and repair can play an essential part in vehicle safety by shielding you from anything that could hit you while driving, such as dust and other debris. However, windshields provide more for automotive safety, such as overall structural stability to the vehicle itself.

The windshield plays a vital role in keeping passengers safe in today’s cars, designed with safety in mind. Here are some expected and unexpected benefits of installing a windshield in your vehicle.

1. Impact Force Absorption

Controlling a vehicle becomes almost impossible immediately after the first impact of collisions or serious accidents. Due to an intense crash, you can propel forward in a jerk. On the other hand, the windshield protects you from much impact.

There is a significant amount of shock absorption and protection from ejection and severe injury due to the car’s windshield. Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB), a durable and resilient plastic, plays a central role in manufacturing laminated windshields, acting as a sandwich between the two layers of tempered glass. This layer boosts the windshield’s strength and flexibility, preventing it from shattering.

2. Car Roof Support

It is the car’s mainframe where car assemblers mount the windshield. The windshield serves to stabilize the car’s roof. After a few years, the windshield of a vehicle is adequate to keep the car roof from collapsing during an accident or collision.

Previously, automobiles used steel rods or pillar-supported car roofs, which could not prevent the top from collapsing into the inside of a car. This is yet another important reason you should maintain a well-functioning windshield.

3. Blocking

As its name says, the windshield helps prevent dust, small rocks, and dirt out of the car and out of your eyes. You can protect yourself from the changing weather conditions because a windshield covers the front area of the vehicle.

Windshield protects from rain and enhances the driver's visibility

Windshield glass can absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing you from overheating. A windshield helps enhance visibility making it easier for drivers to manoeuvre their cars.  

4. Air Bag Support

Only a small fraction of drivers are fully aware that the windshield aids in deploying the airbags in an accident. Since the safety bags cannot deploy correctly due to a lack of pressure, a broken or loose windshield increases your risk of being seriously hurt.

It is vital to protect and maintain your cars’ windshields to sustain the required pressure on the safety airbags.

Your windshield’s safety features can save lives. It would be best if you had any windshield chips or cracks repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Satisfactory windshield replacement can serve as a life-saver for drivers. Crystal Glass provides top-notch auto windshield replacement service to its customers. We also repair windshield rock chips and fix windshield cracks.

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