Whether a small shop or a huge commercial complex, every commercial or office space requires windows. The process of installing glass in all commercial buildings is called commercial glazing. 

The size of most commercial spaces is usually much bigger than residential buildings, which is why different techniques are used for glazing in commercial buildings. They require more glass, and the installation is more complex when dealing with different fixtures involving glazing.

Due to its complex nature and safety issues, only highly trained glazers with modern equipment are eligible for commercial glazing as per the safety regulations of any commercial building. 

1. What Materials are Used in Glazing?

One similarity both commercial and residential glazing have is the use of glass as the main material. However, in commercial buildings, the windows and fixtures require more robust glazing. 

Commercial buildings normally use double glazing or sometimes triple glazing for better heat flow inside and outside the buildings, while providing insulation from the noise.   

Other options like plastic sheeting are also used as an alternative to glass for commercial use. Some offices opt for plastic glazing, which is cheaper to buy and install and is more durable. 

However, glass remains by far the first choice for business owners due to its high performance and appeal.  

2. Glazing Applications in Commercial Buildings

From interior décor to the exterior, glazing is used for a wide variety of applications. Glazing for interior décor includes custom mirrors, furniture, railings, skylights, custom glass, door closures, flooring, and shelving.

On the other hand, commercial use for exterior décor is more than just glazing the windows. It can include storefront glass, curtain glass, windows, entrance doors, and security glass. 

3. What are the Advantages of Commercial Glazing

Commercial glazing provides several benefits for commercial buildings. For instance, it allows for natural light to pass through the office space, which ensures a well-lit environment. It eliminates the need for artificial lighting while creating a better ambiance for employees. 

Storefronts that want to showcase their products can easily flaunt their merchandise with glass doors and windows, which appeals to prospective buyers and the number of sales.

Offices, schools, supermarkets, and shops that use commercial glass have better control over thermal heating. Heat losses can increase your expenses in the shape of energy bills, but quality commercial glass prevents the heat from escaping your commercial space, which keeps the place warm and cozy. 

Alternatively, during summer, the glass protects the building from external heat, which keeps it cool during warmer seasons. 

Similarly, double glazing also provides insulation from outside noise, which keeps your office space shielded from traffic noise pollution, allowing the employees to work in a peaceful work environment and better productivity. 

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