The COVID-19 pandemic has presented business owners with challenges unheard of before. One of the main challenges of glass installation during COVID -is to keep safety and prevention at the top of all operations and services.  

When it comes to glass installation and repair, the safety precautions don’t change. Whether installing glass windows or a glass wall, COVID-19 SOPs should be strictly adhered to when providing services in either a commercial building or residential space. 

While COVID-19 has brought unimaginable challenges, it has also opened a window of opportunities for businesses looking to renovate their workspaces with upgrades like glass installation. While offices, schools, storefronts, and supermarkets project a dim picture with the fewest people ever seen, it has also allowed renovations like glass installation. 

With fewer people to deal with in offices or other commercial buildings, professional glass installers can get their job done easily and efficiently without any disruptions. At the same time, the workflow in the office is not disrupted and businesses save costs incurred due to off-peak hours of labour. 

How to Effectively Provide Glass Services During COVID-19

Businesses dealing with glass installation services should carry out their jobs responsibly when working in offices or homes. They should stay alert and follow the government guidelines provided regarding COVID-19 SOPs while working at others’ spaces.

While working at their workspace or in a residential or commercial building, they should follow basic guidelines, such as: 

  • cleaning and handwashing regularly, following proper hygiene procedures
  • PPE Usage: Mandatory use of masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment
  • an emphasis on remote support as much as possible
  • the minimum two-meter distance at all places 
  • in spaces where a two-meter distance isn’t a possibility, taking other preventive measures to reduce the risks of transmission

Special Measures When Arriving for Installation at Homes

Since COVID-19 spreads with human interaction, both service providers and clients must maintain distance and take precautions accordingly. Glass installers should share information before their visit regarding procedures and social distancing so that both the service provider and client are on the same page when work on glass installation begins. 

Even trivial information like letting your clients know about not shaking hands can come in handy and help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, as well as avoid awkward moments.

It’s also important to ask the clients in case anyone is self-isolating due to any symptoms. In such cases, the appointment should be rescheduled and only allowed to go through when everyone in the building is healthy. 

residential glass services at Crystal Glass

residential glass services at Crystal Glass

Contactless Services

To minimize physical contact, we have have adopted contactless services during this time to include:

  • Virtual Consultations: Using video calls to discuss project details and provide quotes.
  • Online Payments: Offering secure online payment options to avoid in-person transactions.

Conclusion – Glass installation during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Crystal Glass has implemented enhanced safety protocols to protect clients and workers. These measures include:

Glass installation during COVID-19 requires a focus on safety, efficiency, and adaptability. By adhering to enhanced safety protocols, offering contactless services, and managing projects efficiently, companies can continue to provide essential services while protecting their clients and workers.

Crystal Glass has over 65 years of experience with glass installations, residential glass repair, as well as auto glass repair in Edmonton. Whether it’s a cracked or chipped windshield, glass door installation in your workspace, or a shattered mirror in your bedroom, our highly skilled glass specialists are available to safely and securely provide services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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