Nowadays, glass is used in commercial and residential properties for more than just adding curb appeal. Due to modern manufacturing and processing techniques, glass is available in different types and colors. It provides many benefits like robustness, easy maintenance, and versatility.

However, sometimes it can be damaged for some reason. Therefore, homeowners should be aware of all the possible causes of glass damage to mitigate the risk of any damages in the future.

Take a look at six common reasons for glass damage:

Debris And Gravel

Debris and gravel are among the leading causes of windshield damage. As gravel or debris hits the windshield while driving, it creates tiny scratch marks. You can avoid this issue by choosing cleaner routes without any risk of flying debris or gravel.

Construction Vehicles

If you ever find yourself driving behind a construction vehicle, proceed with caution. The rocks, dirt, and machinery can fall off at any time and damage your car’s windshield. Rather than attempting to pass the truck, maintain a safe space between your vehicle and the truck.

Everyday Casualties

Accidents can vary from situation to situation, like a baseball hitting your car or a major car accident that can damage your auto glass. While some car accidents cannot be avoided, it’s better to be cautious. In case of everyday accidents, it is advised to park your car in a safe spot.

A broken windshield of a car in Edmonton

Poor Installation

Glass windows or panels should be installed correctly during the construction phase. In some circumstances, the installation process is done incorrectly, which might lead to structural problems. Like leaks and cracks. Leaks can cause expansions and contractions in the glass frame, resulting in cracking and breaking. To avoid damage to the glass, make sure it is securely fastened and sealed. The technician can also install a glass protection film.

Hail Storms

Damage done by hail storms can be difficult to avoid due to sudden weather changes. Damage due to hail storms can range from fixable to serious damages. If you live somewhere where hail storms often occur, it is better to park your car in an enclosed space.


Windows are subject to the same wear and tear as the rest of the house. Many factors in the environment can impact the condition of your windows. The expansion and contraction of neighbouring structures might cause windows to crack in rare circumstances. Your windows are likely to crack over time if they are ancient.

Change In Temperature And Pressure

Hot or cold, temperature changes can cause serious damage to your windshield. Due to these changes, the glass contracts and expands accordingly. This can make the windshield vulnerable to cracks. Wind pressure or any object can hit the glass, which will leave scratch marks and cracks.

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