Living in Canada, you may already know may realize the importance of heat maintenance inside the house. Badly fitted windows or window panels with low-quality glass can cause the heat to escape, rendering your heating appliances ineffective, resulting in overwhelming energy bills. Home windows are very important, particularly in winters, so make arrangements for your residential glass repair or glass replacement today.


Different Kinds of Window Glass

Most homeowners are familiar with the various kinds of windows available in the market with their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some like to choose wooden windows, while others prefer aluminum framed windows.

Many of these homeowners are unaware of  the various varieties of glass and their benefits. Because inefficient windows can cause a lot of energy loss, it’s crucial to understand the many types of window glass coatings which may save you a lot in energy costs every month. One of these kinds of window glass is Low-E glass.


What is a Low-E Glass

Low-E glass stands for Low-Emissive glass. This refers to its quality of minimizing the ultraviolet light (UV) from the sun, keeping your furniture and home appliances from sustaining damage.

Low-emissive (low-E) glass is coated with metallic oxide and includes an invisible metal that absorbs the heat while allowing light to pass through and illuminate the house.

UV light can damage the material used for your home décor. These special coatings aim to reduce the quantity of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light, protecting your furnishings, gadgets, and clothes.


Benefits of Low-E Glass

To further simplify your decision for purchasing Low-E glass for your home windows, we have listed some of its key benefits below:

Saves Energy

According to statistics, windows can be used for saving up to 30 percent of heat inside the house. This can prevent your heating appliances from overworking to keep the room well heated.

If you wonder why your room never maintains its warmth while the windows are always closed, it’s because of the window glass’s inability to reflect the interior’s heat and keep it inside. This is where Low-E glass can be very helpful.

These types of glass are made with a double metallic coating that reflects the heat to keep it inside and allows the light to penetrate through, bringing its own warmth during daytime. This can help you save energy costs all through the day.

Minimizes Glare

While these types of window glass block UV light, they allow natural light to pass through in just the right quantity to illuminate the house with a soft glow instead of a sharp glare that’s unappealing.

Defends Against Condensation

Temperature changes can lead to condensation, forming moisture and water droplets on the window. This can cause the window to deteriorate faster. Low-E glass doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate, keeping your windows clear from the danger of mold.


A home window with multiple glass panes


Get Low-E Glass Replacement in Edmonton

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