Reckless driving and road accidents have long been an issue for Canada. The country saw over 1700 deaths in road accidents in 2019 and over 140,000 people injured. The reasons vary from reckless driving to the car owner failing to schedule a glass repair to fix windshield cracks. However, with technological advancements like ADAS, this problem can finally be put to bed.

What does ADAS stand for?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System, which can be described as modern features installed in a vehicle that aid the driver in noticing possible dangers on the road. These features can be as simple as automated screen wipers or headlights that respond to the minimum light required for visibility and turn on as soon as it gets dark.

ADAS has the capability of minimizing road accidents by a large number. More automobile companies are customizing new cars with modern ADAS features. Today, about 12 percent of the total vehicles on the roads of Canada have at least one ADAS feature installed, which is a high number considering it was available in just 5 percent of cars in 2013. The growing demand has also resulted in a boost to its industry, amounting to 20 billion US dollars in 2021.


What to Know about ADAS?

It’s important to understand a technology to use it to its full effect. There are three things to know about ADAS:


Modern ADAS features

ADAS is included in the initial design of the latest model automobiles and is updated when automotive manufacturers release the new models and their advanced features.

These modern ADAS features include automotive imaging, a collection of cutting-edge sensor systems that can provide a 360-degree view for the driver beyond the human eye’s capabilities. It can help keep a check for blind spots and avoid any unwanted grazes.

Other interesting features include enhanced lighting, which can assist visibility even in pitch-black darkness, vehicle condition graphs, 3D location mapping, etc.


How Does ADAS Work?

ADAS uses various radars and sensors to judge the area around the car and send a descriptive report to the driver for immediate action. Some modern features allow ADAS to take action on its own to protect the vehicle from any collision.

These sensors are generally installed in the sides, the rear, or the vehicle’s windscreen. The camera on the windscreen provides a complete report of what’s in front. For this reason, the windshield ADAS might be the most important feature.


Issues with Windshield ADAS

The problems with windshield ADAS arise when you go through a windshield replacement. An improperly installed windscreen can render ADAS ineffective. This is because the system is programmed with a particular angle. So, if the windscreen is installed even a few millimetres to the side, the sensor wouldn’t be able to work.



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Get ADAS Calibration with Windshield Replacement

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