Looking at a broken window in your car is not a pleasant view. Protecting your car window is indeed a difficult task, but what if your car window is damaged by accident and you are in a hurry to leave? Every car owner must know a DIY temporary fix. 

As it’s not safe to have a broken window in your car, it should be fixed instantly. The DIY procedure can repel dust and winds from the car’s interior. 

The temporary fix will not last long, so keep in mind that you need car window repair. But to get on the road to the nearest repair shop, try this quick temporary solution:

Materials Required

Before starting the procedure, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need for this procedure. Firstly, you require a regular-sized polythene bag, duct tape, a car vacuum, a clean cloth, and a couple of papers.


As your window is broken, glass pieces must be scattered all over; turn the vacuum on to clean those areas to avoid getting injured. Also, use the vacuum around the window to get rid of debris. 

Small pieces of glass are all over the back of a car

Clean The Window

Now clean the window with a water-soaked cloth, making it easy for the tape to be placed properly. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the area to smoothen it.

Measuring And Cutting For The Area

After making sure that the window is clean, the next step is to cut the plastic bag in the shape of the window, measure the area before the cutting process. 

Placing The Polythene Bag

Make strips of duct tape according to the window dimensions. Carefully place the plastic sheet on the window, press it gently, and apply duct tape, first on the sides and then the middle, to ensure that the tape stays on. 


It wouldn’t be enough to just put in one layer; add two more layers to ensure the temporary fix holds for a while.

Let Crystal Glass Make Your Job Easier

While this DIY fix is an easy repair, it is clearly neither permanent nor safe as broken car windows can be problematic. For affordable car window repair in Edmonton, call Crystal Glass at (780) 436-8780; the professionals at Crystal Glass can handle the situation quickly and effectively.