If you’re driving a car with a cracked windshield, regardless of the size of the crack or chip, it will distract you while driving as it affects visibility. According to Forbes, we shouldn’t mess with a windshield as it is an undervalued car component with multiple uses.

Sources Of Avoidable Windshield Damage

As a driver, you should be familiar with windshield damages and how to avoid them. So, let’s take a look at the things you should be on the lookout for that can damage your windshield.

1. Debris And Gravel

Debris and gravel are among the leading causes of windshield damage. As gravel or debris hits the windshield while driving, it creates tiny scratch marks. This issue can be avoided by choosing cleaner routes without any risk of flying debris or gravel. 

2. Hail Storms

Damages done by hail storms can be difficult to avoid due to sudden weather changes. Damage due to hail storms can range from fixable to serious damages. The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction illustrates major raises in hail occurrence in Alberta. If you live somewhere where hail storms often occur, it is better to park your car in an enclosed space.

Everyday Casualties

Accidents can vary from situation to situation, like a baseball hitting your car or a major car accident can damage your windshield. While some car accidents cannot be avoided, it’s better to be cautious. In in case of everyday accidents, it is advised to park your car in a safe spot.

Broken windshield due to car accident

Staying Behind Construction Automobile

If you’re driving behind a construction vehicle, your windshield has a high chance of getting damaged as whatever the vehicle is carrying may fall on your windshield. Therefore, it is suggested to maintain a distance from these vehicles.

Source Of Unavoidable Windshield Damage

It is evident that not all windshield damages are avoidable; the following are the sources of unavoidable windshield damages.   

Change in Temperature and Pressure

Hot or cold, temperature changes can cause serious damage to your windshield. Due to these changes, the glass contracts and expands accordingly. This can make the windshield vulnerable to cracks. Wind pressure or any object can hit the glass, which will leave scratch marks and cracks.

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