When it comes to home decor designs, glass is a major “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” component. Glass not only brings in those aesthetic vibes but also renders functionality that one simply can’t manage without!

Many people want to avoid the hassle of additional blinds or curtains. So the best of both worlds would be a glass material that complies with one’s decor and allows privacy while also offering views and sunlight when needed. 

We at Crystal Glass offer all kinds of window glass services for workplaces, homes, or commercial spaces in Edmonton. Be it auto glass repair, fixing windshield cracks, or auto windshield replacement, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together some options for you that bring a unique element of class and elegance to your home without you losing out on privacy. Take a look:

Frosted Glass— Tints that don’t’ Drop Hints

Translucent or frosted glass is made by sandblasting a glass, as a result of which it becomes frosty. Since the mark is only diffused on one side of the glass’s surface, the sunlight is scattered and diffused when it comes into contact with it. This creates a subtle blurry effect while also allowing light to pass through.

This semi-opaque finishing of the glass, however, reduces visibility to a great extent. 

Textured Glass— Two Words: Glamorous and Efficient!

Textured Glass has a marked wave pattern designed on the surface. This texture is embossed during the glass’s sheet forming process. A textured glass comes in different styles and adds a certain decorative touch to your home decor. 

Like translucent glass, textured glass also distorts the view as the design reduces the visibility, but it allows the light to pass through while retaining the needed obscuration. 

A close-up photo of a textured glass

Coloured Glasses—For the Love of Colours

When glass is in molten form, it is coloured or ‘stained’ using components such as metallic oxide. However, coloured glasses are different from stained glasses in the way that they are plain and tinted. 

Coloured glass is efficient in allowing light to pass through, but it also ensures privacy. 

Reflective Glass—A Great Solution to Avoid Nosy Neighbors

Also used as auto glass windshields, reflective glasses feature a metallic coating applied on the glass’s opposite surface. The metallic coating gives the glass a mirror-like classy appearance. 

This is a good option for those who have nosy neighbours’ or are looking for privacy for their street-facing windows. 

A wooden framed glass window reflecting seawater


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