Comfort is a necessity in the place you’ve chosen to call home. And windows play a big role in helping you get maximum comfort. Choosing the right glass windows also adds to your home’s security. Over the past few decades, glass windows— especially insulated glass— have been a better alternative to traditional windows.

We at Crystal Glass have 65 years of experience in the glass industry. We offer all kinds of services like auto glass repair, car windshield replacement, and emergency glass service in Edmonton.  

If you’re considering installing insulated glass in your home, take a look at this list of pros and cons to make an informed decision:

Pros First

Energy Efficiency

Insulated glass windows bring security, safety, AND energy efficiency all in one! The double-glazed, two-paned window helps in retaining the heat that prevents any heat loss in winter. This helps in lowering the electricity consumption and cutting down your bills drastically. 

You can also use Low-E glass or apply a reflective coating to further limit any heat transfer. 


When looking for a window glass replacement, check our insulated window’s different Low-E coatings. It can be made in vinyl material, wood, or even fibreglass. 

Reduces Noise Pollution

If your neighbours are party people or you live next to a sorority/fraternity house, chances are that you’ve had many sleepless nights.

Thanks to insulated glass, whether you choose double- or triple-paned glass windows, it helps in reducing the outside noise immensely.

Now Cons

Heavy on the Pocket

Installing insulated glass windows is much more expensive than the regular types of windows. Their installation prices are higher as well! However, with time you’ll realize that it’s money well-spent as it reduces your electricity bill significantly. 

Traps Heat

Insulated glass windows trap heat inside, and its double-pane doesn’t let the heat escape. Although this is beneficial for the cold season, it has the opposite effect in summer. Sometimes it also results in overheating that can increase the air conditioning cost. 

Irreparable Upon Damage

If the insulated double glazed glass window is damaged somehow, it can’t be repaired. The broken glass unit must be reinstalled or replaced with a new unit. Don’t worry, though! You can always rely on our 24-hour emergency glass repair and replacement services in case of any emergency.

A picture of a broken glass window with a wooden frame

If you’re looking for glass repair or replacement services in Edmonton, you are at the right place! 

Our team of experts is trained and experienced in handling any glass service for your office, home, or automobile. In addition to commercial glass repair, we also offer affordable windshield repair and residential glass repair to our clients. 

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