Glass walls have seen a huge rise in popularity as their use in commercial and residential buildings increases every day. The appeal of glass walls can be attributed to the feel of modernity and transparency it offers to residents. 

However, the benefits of glass walls go beyond just the aesthetic appeal. If you’re considering installing one in your house in Calgary, you’d want to know what else glass walls have to offer. Let’s find out. 

What are the Lesser-Known Benefits of Glass Wall for Homes?

1. Regulating Sleep

Research has shown us that natural light helps in the better functioning of the brain, which ensures the well-being of our psychological and physiological health compared to artificial lighting. Sunlight allows you to have better sleep cycles by regulating your circadian rhythms

By having an exterior glass wall design, you can ensure a continuous flow of sunlight into your building to optimize your sleep cycle. This is especially necessary since human beings have long relied on sunlight to regulate their sleep, and our bodies are used to it. 

2. Better Mood

A well-lit environment affects a person’s mood positively. Numerous studies have shown how sunlight boosts people’s mood for the better. Poor lighting in your room causes strain on your eyes, which can lead to migraines. 

Having glass walls lights your room with sunlight, increasing visibility and better productivity, leading to a positive mood. There’s a reason why hospital bedrooms have wide windows, as it helps patients recover faster. 

3. Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Health benefits aren’t the only advantages you’d get from installing glass walls. It also helps bring down your electricity bills in more ways than one. 

Firstly, a constant stream of natural light eliminates the need for artificial lighting. Secondly, during winters, glass walls provide better thermal performance. It protects your building from heat loss and keeps it warm for longer periods, so you don’t need extra heating. 

During summers, glass walls block and insulate heat from entering your residential space keeping your building cool. Also, quality glass walls are made for providing insulation from noise pollution from the outside, providing you with a peaceful environment. 

4. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Glass walls provide the convenience of adaptability if you want to expand your space. Folding glass walls are an ideal option if you want to change your décor and incorporate more space and divide it to accommodate more options. 

For example, if you want to combine your living room and backyard into a single space, a glass wall in between would fit in perfectly. You can use it as a divider and enjoy the view of your backyard from your living room. 

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